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Typical Dairy Effluent Layout  
  Step 1
A. Turn the Isolating Valve off, this is located on the 90mm Adaptor Set (Part A).
B. Turn all the Pod Sprinkler Valves off at the Pod Hydrants
(Part C).
  Step 2
Remove the Hansen™ Tow System from the Male Camlock at the opposite end of the Pod Sprinkler Line (Part D).
  Step 3
A. Disconnect the Male Camlock at the Pod Hydrant end
(Part C).
B. Connect the Hansen™ Tow System to the Male Camlock.
  NOTE: Your Irripod Effluent system has been designed to be turned off when moving the Pod Sprinkler Lines.
  Step 4
Attach the Pod Sprinkler line to an ATV and Proceed to drag the line across the sub main pipe in the opposite direction of the previous location of the line.
  Step 5
Connect the Pod Sprinkler Line to the Pod Hydrant and turn the Pod Sprinkler Line to the on position.
Repeat steps 2 to 5 until all the Pod Sprinkler Lines have been relocated.
Turn the Isolating Valve on and begin irrigating.
When the desired level of effluent has been applied to the paddock turn the Isolating Valve off; this is located on the 90mm Adaptor Set (Part A).