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Part A - 90mm Adaptor Set
Set includes a Hansen™ Mainline Valve and Fittings to attach a 90mm Polyethylene Effluent Pipe Line to the 45mm Sub Main Set via a 63mm Drag Hose.*
Packaging: 1 x Box
Part B - Sub Main Set
Set Includes 50 metres of High Volume 45mm Lilac Tri Striped Irripod Effluent Pipe and fittings including the Hansen™ Tow System. This set will attach to the Adaptor set via a 63mm Drag Hose.*
Packaging: 1 x Box and 1 x Coil of Pipe
Note: One Hydrant set shown. Pack comes with three.
Part C - Pod Hydrants
Set Includes three High Volume 45mm Effluent Hydrants and Fittings. The Hydrants are attached to the 50 metres of 45mm Lilac Tri Striped Irripod Effluent Pipe at 20 metre intervals. The Hydrants Distribute effluent to the Pod Sprinkler Lines.
Packaging: 1 x Box
Part D - Pod Sprinkler lines
Set includes three 120 metre Pipe lines of High Volume 45mm Tri Striped Irripod Effluent Pipe, 18 Lilac High Visibility Irripod Effluent Irrigation Pods with 20mm Impact Sprinklers, and all of the required Lilac colored Hansen™ Fittings to attach the three Pod Sprinkler Lines to the Pod Hydrants. Set also includes a Hansen™ Tow System for each Pod Sprinkler Line.
Packaging: 3 x Boxes and 3 x coils of pipe
All of the High Volume 45mm Lilac Tri Striped Effluent Pipe is quick coupled together with the Hansen™ Easy Fit 45mm Camlock Fittings.
  *NOTE: Due to the varing lengths required for a Drag Hose as a result of
varying paddock sizes, the Drag Hose is required to be purchased as a
separate item.