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  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance.

  • Low application rate, translates into slow absorption into soil whilst eliminating pooling and run off.

  • Low labour, the system only requires one person to shift the lines, and does not require specialist training or tools.

  • Low pressure system, (2-4bar) translates into lower running cost.

  • Low sprinkler height means less wind drift and effective Effluent Distribution.

  • Smaller droplet size means less soil compaction.

  • Suitable for flat and rolling ground.

  • Each Effluent Pod Line can be controlled independently of the system and can be tailored to suit paddock layouts.

  • High Flow 20mm Impact Sprinklers, eliminates Nozzle blockages.

  • High Volume 45mm Lilac Tri striped Irripod Effluent Mainlines.

  • System Specific Hansen™ 45mm Lilac Polythene Pipe Fittings.

  • Quick Release Portable Hydrant Kit

  • The Lilac Pods are highly visible minimizing the chance of running over with farm machinery.

  • Wire Protector across the Pod provides protection to the Sprinkler, thus eliminating damage.