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There is an 11,000 three phase power transformer within close proximity, and this too was part of the deciding factor in where the new shed was constructed. It needed to be in a central location as well as being near the required amenitiesand tanker access. Barry began work back in April. During the process Barry had three to four staff members assisting with the electrical side of things.
Barry says he does a lot of rural work and is grateful in these times to have the work.

Shedding choices

The family checked out three brands of shed and, for them Milfos came up tops. “Milfos seemed more stable in the area of technology.” says Trevor. “We compared different systems and machinery, and found the Milfos systems far superior technologically.” “We spoke with other farmers who were trialing the heat detection and mastitis modules, and their game plan was really good. The Milfos area representative, Matthew Williams, bent over backwards to assist us. He was just brilliant.”
A 50 bail rotary with automatic cup removers was installed to allow for one person milking 80 per cent of the year. A Milfos automatic drafting system has also been installed, with further computer modules to be installed as finances allow. The computer system is fully set up to allow for the future installation of modules as needed. The total package, pricing, commitment and technology was sound and functional.
Choosing Equipment
When the family approached Milfos to enquire about dairy equipment for their farm conversion, they differently had a clear plan of what the result needed to be. “After showing the Corbins and Watts some of our existing installations, it was decided the dairy would have a high level of automation and labour saving devices.” says Matthew Williams from Milfos.
“We have installed a 50 bail IFlow platform that features hydraulic drive units to allow cows to be unloaded if the power goes off, nylon rollers with no bearings to maintain and a fully galvanized bail ready for the automation to just bolt on. The rotary also features the Milfos drop down system that lowers the clusters under the bridge and picks them back up on the other side. This system removes the chance for the cows to damage the cups and rubberware as they enter or exit the platform.
The IConveyer machine has been installed with automatic wash system for the plant and the vat. The main benefit for auto plant washing is the wash system will do an accurate wash every time regardless of staff knowledge. The wash system will handle the chemical dosing and the water requirements into the wash tub. The system is fitted with safety switches on the vat tap and vat door to prevent wash water entering the milk or milk being pumped down the drain.
Cup removers, milk metres and conductivity metres have been installed to record yields, prevent over milking and give alerts for cows with potential somatic cell problems.
The milk metering and conductivity is performed with an infrared milk meter that can give the yield, flow rate & milking times. The infrared meter is a unique system as it has no moving parts or servicing required.
The plant is fitted with variable speed pulsation that adjusts its rate and ratio depending on the milk flow from the individual cow. The cows that don’t let down their milk are stimulated with fast pulsation to give a let down. The ones that do drop their milk quickly will be milked out faster and cleaner with a longer milking phase.
Each milking cow is fitted with an electronic ear tag for identification, which enables them to be drafted with Milfos’ Dataflow drafting gate. The drafting gate system is designed to allow the cow flow to be kept to a maximum while accurately drafting chosen cows. The cows are identified with two separate antenna before being drafted by fast operating split gates that allow a wide entry point to the drafting pens. The drafting system is controlled
by Data Flow, Milfos’ herd management system. The Data Flow software will allow the addition of automatic heat detection, rumination monitoring, cow yields, feeding, weighing and SSC alerts to the system.
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